In Moscow, data will be collected from all Russian street surveillance cameras

Moscow authorities plan to deploy a centralized collection and analysis of video data from surveillance cameras in all regions of Russia. The corresponding state contract was published by the Department of Information Technology at the RTS-Tender site, Kommersant writes.

According to the document, the government intends to finalize a single data storage center (ECHD), on the basis of which the person recognition system operates. Modernization will allow other regions of the country to transmit videos from street cameras to the metropolitan data center for their subsequent processing.

It is assumed that this will increase the effectiveness of the search for criminals and those who evade mobilization, as well as improve the situation with security in general.

The amount of the contract is 43.3 million rubles. Work must be performed until December 16, 2022.

“Not a single subject has enough money, a large data center for storing data and a centralized solution for video analytics, and Moscow has all this,” said the interlocutor of the publication.

According to him, it is necessary to develop uniform standards for transmitting information and agree on their compliance with equipment suppliers outside the capital.

The source also added that centralization will make the work of the person recognition system more failure tolerant.

“The main task of the technology is the search for criminals listed in the base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. If all regions deploy an analogue of the ECHD that will turn to the repository of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it will “lie”. In the case of a request for access to one system, the load will be lower, ”he said.

Another interlocutor of the publication noted that the technology can be connected to an unlimited number of databases and cameras. However, “a significant expansion will require additional capacities”.

The source added that the combined network should have a high -quality data transfer at each point. But in different regions, the quality of the Internet, the number of cameras and the presence of another technological infrastructure are very different, he said.

“It is possible to implement the reverse data exchange – from Moscow to the regions. However, it is unclear how long will the information will store, as well as who will pay for its transfer, ”said Oksana Yakimyuk, general designer of the Safe City system.

Recall that in July it became known that 90% of the data collected by Russian banks do not comply with the standards of a single biometric system (EBS).

In May, in the Russian Federation they developed a technology for a hidden inspection of people in public places, which is designed to evaluate the “degree of danger of a person for others”.

In January, it turned out that in 2021, artificial intelligence helped the Russian police find at least 164 participants in inconsistent rallies.

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