On the network of Cardano activated the hard for Vasil

September 23 at 01:44 (Kyiv/MSC) The Input Output Global (IOG) team successfully activated Vasil updating in the main network of Cardano. Some changes will enter into force with the beginning of the new era – September 27.

👉 The Vasil Upgrade Will Bring Significant Performance & Capability Enhancements to #cardano, from Higher Throughput Capability Via Diffusion Pipelining to a better Developer Experience Script Performance, Efficiency & Lower Costs.

– Input output

“Vasil will significantly increase the productivity and https://gagarin.news/news/psg-sells-nft-tickets-to-friendly-matches-against-japan/ potential of Cardano – from increasing throughput due to diffusion conveyorization [optimization of blocks of blocks] to improving the experience of developers due to more productive and effective scripts, as well as reducing costs,” the iOG said in the iOG.

According to the Cardanoscan observer, at the time of writing, the project network works as usual and produces blocks. Ecosystem participants said that after activating the blockchain updating, stress testing was held.

Hey @iohk_Charles We are trying outber Hardest Over to Break #cardano But We have Failed. We Cannot Break it. YOUR VID it! ⭐️ #cardano #vasil https: // t.CO/IJK447DWGU PIC.Twitter.COM/JJHHITA1FOG

– Rick McCracken Digi (@richardmcrackn) September 22, 2022

With Vasil, the developers entered the second version of Plutus scripts and modified the cost calculation model for each primitive, reducing its individual parameters. IOG believes that this step will reduce the cost of performing operations by 20-30%.

Vasil Will Enhance Cardano’s Smart Contract Capabilites Through Plutus V2 Scripts and Cost Model, Which Adds Greater Efficie to An Alrey PowerFul Smart ContracT Platform. Ultimatly, Its Will Reduce Script Execution Costs and Transaction Size, Plus Improve Throughput. 5/6

– Frederik Gregaard (@f_gregaard) September 22, 2022

“Vasil will expand the capabilities of Cardano smart contracts thanks to Plutus V2 scripts and cost models, which increases the efficiency of an already powerful platform. Ultimately, this will reduce the cost of scripts and the size of transactions, as well as increase the throughput, ”wrote the head of Cardano Foundation Frederick Gregard.

Recall, Cardano took 26th place among 600 global brands in the rating of the emotional attachment of consumers from the MBLM agency. Bitcoin was at 30 positions.

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