Switzerland established the EVERSCALE blockchain development fund

In the Canton of the same name in Switzerland, the Canton of the same name in Switzerland) at the end of August registered the EVERSCALA Foundation at the end of August. This fund should be a single entry point for the “external world”, that is, for investors, journalists, developers and others.

Key Foundation functions:

  • Representative Office of EVERSCALE in public space.
  • Assistance to startups and entrepreneurs who want to create products and applications using the EVERSCALE blockchain. For this, in particular, the EVERSCALE Foundation will work as a grant program. We have already reviewed several recipients.
  • Storage of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, sites, patents and the like, and their upholding in court.
  • EVERSCAL promotion in the cryptocurrency market using marketing activities.
  • The solution of legal issues related to the project and the EVERSCAL ecoscale ecosystem of the ecosystem on exchanges, data data from cryptocurrencies, etc.P.

At the same time, Evescale emphasized that the decisions of the fund will not have legal force for the community. The general management of the project also remains decentralized: all important decisions, including the distribution of funds for new projects, will be made https://gagarin.news/news/the-japanese-government-will-review-the-foreign-exchange-law-to-close-backdoors-for-sanctions-evasion/ by EVERSCALA Native cryptocurrencies by voting in Ever DAO.

The decision to create a non -profit fund with a legal structure was made in December 2021. EVERSCALE Foundation will be allocated 50 million Ever.