Vitalik Buterin introduced an updated Ethereum Road Map

Vitalik Buterin published an updated Ethereum roadmar. The project team intends to solve “MEV problems” and fully integrate ZK-Snark technology into blockchain .

According to Butaterin, the updated diagram specizes the steps of the implementation of each phase of Ethereum development and emphasizes the role of quantum stability for the future blockchain.

A new stage appeared in the presented roadmap – The Scourge. Within its framework, developers are going to “ensure reliable and fair inclusion [in the blockchain] reliably neutral transactions, as well as solve the problems of MEV”.

Another change applies to the fourth stage – The Verge. Previously, he focused on the integration of the Verkla tree, which proves in the context of the entire set of data for the user who wants to check their authenticity.

Now, within the framework of The Verge, they also plan to simplify the verification of blocks and turn Ethereum into a quantum-resistant network that fully supports ZK-Snark.

Beterin previously called the ZK-Rollups protocol on this technology priority tool for solving the problem of scalability Ethereum.

Arcane Assets Investment Director Eric Wall noted that the term “Sharding” is not used in the updated roadmap. According to him, ZK-Rollups is a more effective technology.

Note How All the “Shaarding” Terminology Has Been Droped from the Surge Compared to the Diagram a year ago

Recall, in Flashbots called the “failure” the absence of a neutral MEV-BOOST retransplant on Ethereum.

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